Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Set the Mood With Color

Yellow - The eye notices this color the fastest. Soft yellows can be cheering and make an entire room feel sunny. Bright yellow used as an accent can attract attention and help brighten a room, in large amounts yellow can be over-stimulating.

Green - The ultimate pacifier. Often associated with nature, it is relaxing and reassuring. Pale yellow-greens transcend growth while deep greens are associated with status and wealth.

Blue - Blue can arouse feelings of freshness and relaxation. In lighter hues, blue is airy and open, while dark blues represent wealth, strength and respect. Blues evoke the feelings of reassurance.

Purple - This color has the deepest values, yet it can be flowery and refreshing in pale violet colors. Deep purple is rarely used in large amounts, but is a great effect as an accent color.

Red - Red will attract attention, causes excitement, and even raise blood pressure. Intense red is stimulating; however, it can also be distracting in large amounts. Red is associated with wealth and sophistication, while high value reds (pinks) can make people feel good about the way they look.

Orange - Is a stimulating color,with a pumpkin orange hue or warm hue in its terracotta and peach version. As with other intense colors, orange can be distracting, but is ideal for attracting attention to details.

Black - Often said to evoke feelings of fright, but can also transcend the feelings of elegance, excitement. Like white, black is a color of contradictions that relies largely on the effect of the other colors used with it. Black can make large spaces seem smaller and more intimate.

White - White is associated with being sterile, airy and refreshing, depending on what other colors it is combined with, while making smaller spaces feel larger and more spacious.


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