Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wake up Happy and Rested

Did you know that your bedroom can play a major role in how you sleep and wake up? From the room decor, the colors and the actual bedding itself, every aspect of your bedroom can effect the way you sleep and feel. A bedroom should be a calm and peaceful. Everyone struggles with stress from everyday life, the problem is when the stress follows you into the bedroom. Stress can lead to sleep issues, illness and insomnia. Your bedroom should be free of stress triggers. Remove any distractions... the television, computer and any other electronics that could potentially distract and keep you from falling asleep.

Color plays a major role in mood, cool colors provide a calm feeling, while warm colors can make a room feel more cozy. You want to choose a color scheme that will make you feel most relaxed.

Make sure you have something to cover the windows. A window treatment will not only add to the coziness of your bedroom but they also serve a purpose to block out light and keep cool drafts from coming inside.

Choose bedding that is not only comfortable, but makes you happy. Loving the look and style of your bedding, comforter or duvet can put a smile on your face every time you get into bed and every time you wake up.

Lastly, keep the room tidy. Keep dirty clothes in a laundry hamper and clean clothes in the closet.

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