Friday, March 19, 2010

Housewarming Gift Ideas

Have you noticed a moving van recently on your street? Welcoming new neighbors to your block is always a great idea; moving is a huge transition and they will appreciate your gesture. Even if they don’t throw a housewarming party, you might want to stop by after a few days with a small gift in hand to help welcome them to your neighborhood. They will probably be grateful for the gesture, and you just might become fast friends! You don’t need to go overboard with some extravagant purchase; a small thoughtful token is enough to impress any new homeowner. Here are some fun and inexpensive housewarming gifts you might consider:

1. Make a “gift bucket” of cleaning supplies. This might sound like a strange idea for a gift but it’s all in the presentation. Load up a bucket with a few cleaning aids and include a sponge, paper towels, dish soap, and some hand soap. Wrap the whole thing in cellophane, and tie it up with some ribbon and a card. New home owners probably didn’t bother to pack up cleaning supplies from their former home, so your gift bucket will probably come in handy.

2. Gift Certificates. Every business under the sun now offers gift certificates, but think about what a new homeowner would especially need right now: dry-cleaning, lock-smiths, shoe repairs, auto repairs. Your new neighbors might not know the best dry-cleaners in town, but you do. A gift certificate to a local restaurant or bar would probably also be appreciated by someone new to town.

3. Sweets. You can always resort to the classic idea of baking cookies, a cake, or even a pie to welcome your new neighbors. So if you have a special recipe for a dessert, go ahead a whip up a batch.

4. Libation. You can find a great bottle of wine that is expensive just about anywhere these days, so dress one up in a decorative wine bag and consider purchasing some cheap stemware from the dollar store. Your neighbors may not have had time to unpack all of their glassware yet, but you can bet the stress of moving will make them want to enjoy a glass of wine.

Just keep things simple and remember that thoughtfulness counts. By welcoming your new neighbors with a gift you open the door for them to reciprocate with an invitation to dinner, and you might soon have another set of friends on your street.

Did you know? That the pineapple is the symbol of welcome and hospitality, and is considered the traditional housewarming gift.


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