Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Cleaning for Your Baby Nursery

Very few people are born with the gene that allows them to actually enjoy cleaning, but we all have to do it or suffer the consequences of clutter and grime. One room that deserves extra attention is your baby’s nursery, since babies are so susceptible to getting sick and are just natural mess-makers. Beyond your daily routine of picking up their scattered toys, make sure you occasionally follow up with a round of more heavy duty cleaning and disinfecting. Read on to find out how to ensure you are really getting your baby’s room squeaky clean!

Remove the padded topper from your changing table. A cloth pad can go in the washing machine on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent. You’ll also want to launder all the bedding from your baby’s crib. Wash everything in water that is at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure you kill any dust mites and remember to use a detergent designed for baby’s sensitive skin. Wipe down furniture next. If you are cleaning wooden furniture, apply a small amount of dish washing liquid to a damp cloth and wipe the inside and the outside. Don’t overdo the moisture, since wood can warp. Wipe dry with a clean cloth. Using disinfecting wipes, wipe down the changing table. Also wipe down all the lotion bottles, ointment tubes, and containers of diaper wipes to catch any extra germs.

The diaper pail definitely needs regular disinfecting. Clean the diaper pail outside of your baby’s nursery to prevent germs from escaping into your clean nursery. Also make sure to use a liner or garbage bag to keep germs contained. Spray all-purpose cleaner both inside and outside to disinfect the pail. Use a toothbrush to scrub down hard to reach areas and hinges. Wipe dry with a cloth or paper towels.

Soak plastic toys in a bucket of water with just a splash of bleach, and follow up with a rinse of clean water. To clean plastic storage bins, spray all-purpose cleaner both inside and outside an empty bin to disinfect it. Scrub the hinges with a toothbrush. As with furniture, wipe wooden toys with a wet cloth and dish washing liquid. You can disinfect stuffed animals either by washing on a gentle cycle in the machine or stowing them in resealable plastic bags and placing them in the freezer for two days. Germs can’t survive in freezing temperatures.

And remember to always use products, whether it be laundry detergent or disinfecting wipes, that have mild or fragrance free formulas to avoid irritating your child's sensitive skin!


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