Friday, April 9, 2010

Top Ten Things You Should Know about Crib Bedding

You might think crib bedding will be the easiest part of having a child, all you need to do is pick something cute and you’re good to go. But once you actually begin searching, you are bound to realize that looking for the right set becomes a huge investment, because you want to find something that not only looks great, but will last and keep your baby comfortable night after night. And as with all things relating to babies, even a purchase like bedding can pose a few complications for parents. Below is a helpful list of the top ten things to know about crib bedding so you find something that keeps your baby happy and healthy, and most importantly, sleeping easy at night!

Top Ten Things You Should Know about Crib Bedding

1.) A fitted sheet is all you need! Babies don’t need a flat sheet in their crib; it poses a health risk because they can get wrapped up in the loose fabric.

2.) A crib bumper is a great way to protect your little one and dress up your crib in one step. The bumper attaches to the rails along the sides of the crib, and the padded material keeps babies from “bumping” too hard against the crib once they start to move around.

3.) Hypoallergenic materials are a must! Babies have very sensitive skin, so finding materials that are non-allergenic will help prevent irritating their skin.

4.) Buying a few back-up fitted sheets is a smart move. We all know babies are prone to late night accidents, so having a few extra fitted sheets on hand will make your life easier. That way when you find a spill, just throw the soiled sheet in the laundry and put down a fresh one immediately.

5.) Comforters come with every crib set, but you probably won’t want to keep that in your baby’s crib while they are sleeping. A comforter looks great but like a flat sheet it is too much loose material for a baby under 12 months. So until they are old enough, keep the comforter out of their crib at night.

6.) Cribs must follow safety guidelines and standards established by the government, so don’t think about using an antique when it comes to your baby’s crib. It’s best to buy something new or gently used, because standard crib bedding probably won’t fit something if it’s more than a few years old.

7.) Rubber mattress covers are a great way to protect your baby’s mattress. Sheets are easily machine washed, but spills on a mattress are there forever. So avoid this problem by getting a rubber mattress cover, you simply install it underneath your fitted sheet.

8.) You should machine wash your baby’s bedding on a hot cycle to kill any germs, and allergens, which can lead to problems like asthma. Make sure you look for sets that are machine washable so you can easily keep up with the care of your baby bedding.

9.) When you wash your bedding, make sure to use a detergent specially formulated for babies or one that is clear of dyes and perfumes. Any additional fragrances and chemicals will only irritate a baby’s skin.

10.) If you have toys and pillows that match your baby bedding, don’t keep them in the crib while your child is sleeping. They can pose a suffocation risk. This goes for any mobiles or toys that can be attached to the crib rails; make sure they don’t hang too low and are securely attached to the crib.


  1. Has there been anymore information about whether or not a crib bumper is harmful to a baby?

  2. Also, when purchasing a crib bedding set it is a good idea to buy an extra crib sheet as these tend to soil more quickly. Have one to use and one to wash!

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  4. Great tips! Do you think it's OK to use something like memory or latex foam?

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